Empowering Accounting Teams to Accelerate Cash Flow with a Connected AEC Firm

Accounting teams are the backbone of every AEC firm, in large part because their work directly impacts the firm’s cash flow. For many firms, capturing time and expenses, billing clients, and collecting cash are time-consuming, inefficient processes that fall on the accounting team to stitch together each month. Manual processes and delays not only have a negative impact on cash flow, but also take your staff away from focusing on client service.  

It all boils down to automating your time and billing processes, improving accuracy, and optimizing your most valuable financial resource – your cash.  

Fortunately, these pitfalls can be mitigated with the right tools, technology, and processes—providing the connectivity your firm needs to accelerate cash flow and optimize your financial performance. aec360 and the Microsoft cloud are here to help.  

Learn What Experts Have to Say About Proactively Managing Your Firm’s Finances 

With more than 20 years of experience delivering software solutions to many of the world’s preeminent firms, HSO has the knowledge and expertise to help you take control of your firm’s finances. Join Andy Yeomans, Executive Vice President with aec360, as he explores proven strategies for optimizing the processes that keep cash flowing. 

In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, Andy will share actionable insights and guidance to help you:  

  • Streamline time and expense capture and approval processes 
  • Increase timesheet accuracy and easily chase missing timesheets 
  • Automate the review and approval of client invoices to ensure accuracy prior to sending them 
  • Enable project managers and other key employees to help collect open invoices 

About the Presenter

Andy Yeomans
Executive Vice President of Sales

As the Executive Vice President of Sales, Andy helps professional services organizations drive digital transformation using Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Power Platform, and the Microsoft Cloud.

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