How to Automate Relationship Insights to Power Growth 

Maximize the Value of Your Firm’s Relationships to Empower Sales

Date: Tuesday, December 6, at 2 pm ET 
Duration: 30-minutes 

A key to success for professional service firms is  the ability to leverage your firm’s relationships to find and win more work.  

The problem for many firms is poor data quality: Contact information that is inaccurate, incomplete, or out of date, is siloed from other departments or does not show past interactions between the customer and the firm effectively. 

This disconnect is often caused by resources that don’t maintain their client data. And who can blame them? Manually updating or adding to their contact list can be time-consuming and take away from billable hours. 

The result: Missed opportunities to generate new business. 

 The solution: relationships360 

HSO’s relationships360 can help you harvest and mine contact and relationship data automatically without user intervention and without compromising on security. 

Finally, you can get the benefits you expect from your contact and relationship management system. relationships360 can automatically associate new contacts with the right companies, update contact names and title changes, avoid duplicate entries, quantify interactions between your staff and your clients, and much more! 

Join Andy Yeomans, Executive Vice President, and Glen Wolinsky, Senior Technical Consultant for HSO, on Tuesday, December 6th, for a free webinar that will demonstrate how your firm can: 

  • Gain a 360-degree view of your contacts and relationships
  • Track companies of interest by domain and automatically create and enrich contact data 
  • Build strong pursuit teams based on relationship strength 
  • Facilitate cross-practice business development strategies 
  • Proactively identify potential companies of interest to expand your business development and marketing efforts

About the Presenters

Andy Yeomans
Executive Vice President

As the Executive Vice President of Sales, Andy helps professional services organizations drive digital transformation using Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Power Platform, and the Microsoft Cloud. 
Glen Wolinsky 
Senior Technical Consultant

Glen Wolinsky has worked as a software systems analyst and developer for over 36 years. He specializes in CRM, database engineering, and software development for contact data management. 

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