Connected Productivity: AEC ERP Software Should Help Increase Billable Hours

We work with a lot of Architectural, Engineering and Construction Management firms and one of biggest challenges we see are a lot of inefficient processes. The problem is that many AEC ERP software solutions have no connectivity to the software that your staff uses every day and where they spend most of their time…software like Outlook, Excel and Teams. Connected Productivity puts your staff in an environment where your AEC ERP software is fully integrated with those applications and others.

AEC ERP software without Connected Productivity comes with a cost.

Any time that’s wasted moving between systems is lost revenue. Worse yet, your staff avoids using a system that’s not easy to access and easy to use – even something that everyone needs to do like a completing a timesheet. The result of not having Connected Productivity? Unhappy staff, low user adoption, late or poorly completed processes and unproductive time.

Help your employees efficiently use your ERP system from the software they like to use.

Our aec360 ERP software is designed with Connected Productivity in mind. Let’s use the timesheet process as our first example. In the screen shot below, you see an employee completing their timesheet. They have clicked on the “Chat with project manager” link. The system knows the PM and immediately goes to Teams to start the chat.

Through the Teams chat function, the employee asks the project manager if they are charging the correct task and if the charge is billable. The result is that the timesheet will be more accurate. There will be fewer labor adjustments. Your client bills will go out sooner. Cash flow improves. A lot can happen with simple collaboration!

Connected Productivity Teams Chat Function

Work directly with everyone’s favorite management software: Excel

Another example of Connected Productivity can be seen with how aec360 is integrated with Excel, one of the most popular business applications on the market today. The screen shot below shows a user who has Journal Entries to post. With the click of the mouse, the entire data entry process has moved to Excel. Most importantly, all of the data entry rules from the ERP software are still in play when the user is in Excel. The user is where they want to be, and there is no lost functionality or security.

Connected Productivity Excel Integration

Why is Connected Productivity important?

Without it, your employees must leave the software that they like to use every day in order to fulfill a process in your ERP system. Navigating to entirely different system is wasted billable time. It delays any process, frustrates users, and hinders collaboration. With aec360’s focus on Connected Productivity, your employees will be more efficient, and your processes will be completed faster. Better still, your employees might actually like using your ERP system!

With aec360, it’s all about being “connected.” Let us show you how in our on-demand webinar How to Achieve a Connected AEC Firm with Dynamics 365 and aec360.

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