Delivering the Connected AEC Firm of the Future

Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms face continually evolving challenges as they look to win business, deliver excellent projects, and optimize revenue. The ability to proactively address these challenges is critical to your success.  

How does your AEC firm address complex business challenges? The answer is often through the strategic application of technology, like ERP, CRM, and collaboration tools. However, while technology plays a critical role in the effort, it’s just one part in a larger strategy.  

To comprehensively address evolving business challenges – both now and in the future – AEC firms must focus on connectivity throughout the organization and all processes, ensuring that every aspect works in tandem toward strategic goals.  

In a series of blog articles, I share my experience and insights on the five key components to address when building the connected AEC firm of the future: Processes, Insights, Productivity, Relationships, and Tools. Following is a high-level look at each of each component. Be sure to click through to the individual blogs for a deeper dive. 

Connected Processes

Process optimization is a foundational and critical effort for any successful AEC firm. However, simply optimizing the steps in individual processes isn’t enough to address the evolving complexities of the AEC industry. To support the future of your AEC firm, it is just as important to create connected processes, or processes that work in tandem to support strategic goals while reducing the time and effort employees spend on manual steps along the way.  

Read more about connected processes, what they look like, the challenges many AEC firms face in developing and maintaining them, and ways you can ensure all employees buy in to the connected process philosophy. 

Connected Insights

For an AEC firm, information is more valuable than almost any other resource. Possessing comprehensive and up-to-date insight into the status of a pursuit, ongoing project, or client relationship can position your firm to react to any challenge that may arise – or to seize any opportunity that pops up. Unfortunately, many firms struggle to maintain connected insights as information remains siloed across departments, or important data is lost in translation due to ineffective reporting capabilities.     

Read more about Connected Insights, how you can use technology to ensure 360-degree awareness of your operations by creating an integrated approach to connecting information from all available sources.  

Connected Productivity

AEC firms often rely on a number of software platforms to support daily operations. From ERP to collaboration tools, these applications each play a critical role. Each employee or department will use these solutions differently to execute their job duties and will likely jump between applications to initiate or complete individual tasks. Streamlining the transition between tools – and optimizing the individual performance of each application – is vital to ensuring your teams have the support they need to thrive.  

Read more about Connected Productivity, its role in supporting the AEC firm of the future, and how you can create an environment where your mission critical software applications are integrated with key productivity tools.  

Connected Relationships

Your firm’s relationships with prospects, current and past clients, vendor partners and employees can have a significant impact on the future. Leveraging these relationships can help to win new business, provide better services or plan for the future.  

Read more about Connected Relationships, how AEC firms can use Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) solutions to develop truly connected internal and external relationships with actionable insights and leverage them for the good of the firm.  

Connected Tools

It’s no secret that technology plays a key role in the success of an AEC firm. However, that isn’t to say that you should invest in technology just for the sake of having it. Instead, the most successful AEC firms of the future will take a connected approach to tools by focusing on creating a technology ecosystem that is fully integrated, optimized and connected.  

Read more about Connected Tools to learn what questions to ask when implementing a new role, how you can eliminate technology roadblocks and redundancies and empower your employees, and the different ways your tools can be connected—to your financials, other systems, clients, and employees.  

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