Are Disparate Systems Keeping You in The Dark? Set Your Sights on Being a Connected Firm

If you were to evaluate your firm’s technology today, how many different software solutions are being used across your business? 5, 15, or more? In my position as a digital transformation specialist working with prospects in professional services, I hear about many areas of frustration regarding technology that should be helping but often seems to get in the way. Case in point: disparate systems cause redundancy and prevent you from automating manual processes properly. Disparate, non-integrated systems are a common challenge that affects your firm, and in short, the impact is significant and costly.

Wouldn’t it be nice to log into a system and immediately know which projects are on schedule, which ones are behind schedule, and which ones are ahead? Wouldn’t it be nice to see your pipelines in real time? Wouldn’t it be great if all your timesheets were completed on time, without having to chase people around for answers before approval? What about knowing what resources you have on hand that you could utilize for an upcoming project?

To gain that knowledge, you need the ability to provide all your users with a 360-degree view of the entire organization.

A connected firm is what you should aim for—connected to your financials, connected to your other systems, connected to your clients, connected to your employees, and connected to the world. And that requires a software solution that will enable that “connectedness”.

When looking for a new ERP or CRM system, a few things to consider are:

  • Will the system integrate/connect with our other systems?
  • Will the integration require the organization to incur costs?
  • Will it integrate with systems we might acquire in the future? 

aec360’s sync360 enables connectivity to all your solutions, which allows you to see accurate, real-time data. When approving timesheets, your business managers can chat with their team members via Microsoft Teams from within aec360. When users log into aec360, their landing pages are personalized dashboards with embedded Microsoft Power BI charts, graphs, and tables to provide real-time data that is relevant to them. Seller/doers have access through CRM to current data fed from your ERP on payment status before they engage on the next project. With a truly connected organization where data flows freely, the possibilities are virtually endless!

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With aec360, it’s all about being “connected.” Let us show you how in our on-demand webinar How to Achieve a Connected AEC Firm with Dynamics 365 and aec360.

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